This trip will change your life

Seriously. Not only will we build homes for families in need and change their lives, this trip will also change your life. Read one of the stories.

"Donating your time to work alongside a team of global citizens to build a house for those in need changes the lives of the volunteers as well as provides a home for a family in need. It's an opportunity to truly give back and directly help those who really need it. When you hand over the keys to the new homeowners at the end of the weekend, everyone's crying. It's just such a moving experience."Dan TyreDan Tyre
"Our entire family was changed for the better by our trip Mexico. Not only was it rewarding to build homes alongside our community members, but our children’s eyes were opened to the needs of others in new ways. We will be making this an annual experience for our family, and we encourage others to do the same, regardless of their family’s previous experience or current ages. You’ll be so happy you did."Nicole CottrellNicole Cottrell
"If you've ever wondered, "How can I have an impact?" Here's your answer. During the #yesphx trip last year, we had the opportunity to build a home from the ground up! We poured concrete in wheel barrels, nailed and stuccoed, and measured and cut two-by-fours. We're so grateful to 1MISSION for giving us the opportunity to share in changing the world, one house at time."Amy TyreAmy Tyre
"The 1Mission trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico was a game-changer in our lives. The experience of building a home in a few days with an incredible group of like-minded people making a significant impact in a family's life was deeply humbling, yet rewarding. This is a must-do for anyone interested in making a positive impact in our world."Kelly and Mario Martinez IIKelly and Mario Martinez II
"We’ve declared that Phoenix is building the most generous community for entrepreneurs, but people often ask what that means, exactly. How does generosity translate into the action of our startup ecosystem? While I could list a number of ways that we have been and continue to be generous toward one another, I have experienced no better example than the one we all witnessed in this life-changing weekend."Jonathan CottrellJonathan Cottrell
"It was deeply moving to witness people coming together to help another in such a profound way. But from my perspective something else also happened: The living and work situation for us was difficult in that most 'creature comforts' were gone. WE would have to create the beauty and comfort one another. We did. We filled the emptiness with human contact and connection. We did what people do when they have nothing but each other and time: we worked together to help one another, shared what little we had, sang, danced, and told stories. We had a Community."Stephanie SchullStephanie Schull
"As we scarfed down white bread and sandwich meat next to kids who had not eaten all morning, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are to have the little luxury of always having food. And plenty of options. As they hold their infant baby, I wonder how I would have done it here without money food or a roof over my head. Then I realized, they do it together. They band together and saw wood to make frames for walls. They hand mix concrete for foundation. And together they lay and level it. Together they hold up the walls. No fancy tools, no power saws or electric mixers. Just muscle, hands and the company of others."Jenny PoonJenny Poon

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